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The Cumberland Kids

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An American Folk-Rock duo, Liam Higgins and Taylor A. Purdee take turns on songwriting duties and at the microphone. Born out of a surprise shared love of traditional narrative songwriting and contemporary folk fusion spin offs, they're known for their soaring mythologies, occasional lullabies, and stomp-able beats.

Begun on a lark in the Winter of 2016, Higgins and Purdee had been childhood friends, but found it difficult to agree on music outside of the comedy stylings of Weird Al Yancovic. When the two discovered a shared appreciation for Josh Ritter's "Sermon on the Rocks" record, the "Cumberland Kids" name came into being, but it was uncertain whether it would be for a band, or a community soccer team. Purdee not being the world's (or the community's) greatest athlete The Cumberland Kids began writing songs.  


Strangely, their first project of note was not an album, but a film. Tasked with composing both the original songs and the score for the upcoming "Killian & the Comeback Kids," it was this work that provided the band a new direction. 


Although often found guitar in hand, voice aloft for the 'Kids, Taylor, a filmmaker by trade, plays all over New York City both on the street and in venues throughout the town. When not leading on guitar and vocals, Liam provides the majority of backing instrumentation and additional voices.


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